Heart of the City Piano Program


Board of Directors

Saskatoon Board 2012-2013

Executive Director: VACANT
Director of Recruitment: Tanis Lindsay
Director of Inventory: Stefanie Stefanson-Pexa
Director of Events: VACANT
Director of Communications: VACANT
Director of Fundraising: Erin Boerma
Director of Parent Communications: Maureen Shadden


Christine Rodych
Gary Gullickson
Judge Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond
Lendy Scholz
Michelle Lee
Richard Dubé
Ron Millar

 Provincial Board - Saskatchewan 

Melinda Anderson-Grass
Tanis Lindsay

National Board

Buffy Sainte-Marie, Honourary Board Member
Richard Dubé, Honourary Board Member
Bettina Choo, Honourary Board Member


We are extremely pleased to have Buffy Sainte-Marie as an Honourary Board Member for the Heart of the City Piano Program in the role of. Her support and participation in the program is valued immensely. We are especially thankful to have such an excellent role model for the children.