Heart of the City Piano Program


Mission Statement

Our mission is to proactively promote the advancement of a more equitable opportunity for potentially at-risk and economically disadvantaged youth to participate in a life-long music education experience   

To enhance the lives and learning opportunities for at-risk youth through a structured music program that continues throughout the school year. The Heart of the City Piano Program encourages students to make positive lifestyle choices and helps to prevent them from becoming involved in drugs, violence and unhealthy lifestyles.

At-risk children live through adult situations every day of their lives. The Heart of the City Piano Program affords these children a musical experience that will give them back part of their childhood. Music education allows these children to experience those indescribable moments in time where they can be transported to a different state of mind. It allows them to be transported to places without ever having to leave the room. A meaningful experience in music helps children develop sensitivity to life and the situations that lie there within. In essence, children are being given back part of their childhood and the ability to believe in the future. This future will undoubtedly include careers as our future music educators.