The Heart of the City Piano Program is an inner city piano project that strives to enhance the lives and learning opportunities of at-risk youth through a structured music program that continues throughout the school year. Founded in the fall of 1995 at Pleasant Hill Community School by Richard Dubé, it is strongly believed that involvement in the Heart of the City Piano Program helps students to make positive lifestyle choices. You can read more about the history of the program in Saskatchewan here.


Our board is comprised of individuals willing to head the organizational aspect of the program. The board meets every couple of months and is made up of those with and without musical experience alike. If you would be interested in joining the board, please send us an email.


Nurturing success and empowering children through music.

At-risk children live through adult situations every day of their lives. The Heart of the City Piano Program affords these children a musical experience that gives them back a part of their childhood. Musical education allows these children to experience those indescribable moments where they can be transported to a different place and state of mind without having to leave the room. A meaningful experience in music helps children to develop sensitivity to life and the situations that lie there within. In essence, children are being given back part of their childhood and the ability to believe in the future.



Without teachers willing to volunteer their time and experience, Heart of the City wouldn't be possible. We are always in need of new volunteers who are willing to teach once a week at one of our participating schools.

If you:

  • have at least one hour a week free to teach
  • have at least Grade 6 Royal Conservatory of Music or equivalent
  • and are interested in volunteering, please fill out an application below.

    Our Schools

    Contact info for volunteers

    PORTRAITNAME King George School

    Name: Ryan Northey


    PORTRAITNAME Westmount Community School

    Name: Kendra Woiden



    Name: Bonnie Phillpot


    Our Board

    The Volunteers That Make HCPP Possible

    PORTRAITNAME Melody Wong
    Program Director

    I was born and raised in Regina, SK and was lucky enough to fall in love with the piano at 5 years old. Having opportunities to perform and share my love of music at a young age inspired me to expand into other musical avenues with guitar, violin and vocals, and allowed me to create lasting friendships and relationships. As I go through medical school, I’m eternally grateful to fall back on music during stressful times, and I hope to allow others to find the same enjoyment, community and peace in music.

    Favourite Song:
    Dearly Beloved - Yoko Shimomura

    PORTRAITNAME Noah Little

    I'm a student from Saskatoon who has studied music from a young age. Besides teaching piano, I enjoy flying, running and composing music.

    Favourite Song:
    Nocturne Op. 54 No. 4 - Edvard Grieg

    PORTRAITNAME Stephanie Stefanson-Pexa

    Stefanie has taught at elementary schools in North Battleford and Saskatoon. She currently teaches music and band at James L. Alexander School. She has been involved with the Heart of the City Piano Program since 2004, first as School Coordinator at W.P. Bate Community School, and then as a board member.

    Favourite Song:
    Mendelssohn's Italian Symphony

    PORTRAITNAME Lauren Rennie
    Creative Co-Director

    Growing up in Saskatoon, I have developed a passion for giving back to my community, which is why I am so excited to be part of a program like Heart of the City! Believe it or not, I am unable to play a single chord on a piano, so I enjoy lending a helping hand to this important organisation through my experience in marketing, design and event planning. Giving back in this way, I hope to help Saskatoon youth develop skills and passions of their own.

    Favourite Song:
    I Will Follow You - RIVVRS

    PORTRAITNAME Anastasia Zello

    Hello! My name's Anastasia. I grew up in Saskatoon and music was always a huge part of my life - particularly playing the piano!

    Favourite Song:
    anything by Andrew Lloyd Webber or ABBA

    PORTRAITNAME Erin Bentley
    PORTRAITNAME Carmen Giesbrecht

    Our Sponsors

    Thank you to our generous sponsors for helping make HCPP possible.


    Questions about our organization, donating, volunteering, or anything else?

    Program Director

    Melody Wong

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